The best choice

Monkey Hangup hangers are over 18" tall, compared to a typical children's clothes hanger which is only 7" tall.  Imagine giving your child an extra 11" of reach to hang up and take down their clothes all by themselves!

What parent has't seen their child grab and pull a shirt off the hanger.  What happens?  The clothes get stretched out of shape and the seams start coming open.  Or maybe your child can't reach, so they are helpless till and adult is available.  Neither option works well for parents.

A BETTER OPTION:  Monkey Hangups give the child the ability to handle their clothes properly starting at a young age.  Why is this important?  We want our children starting out learning the proper way to do things BEFORE they develop bad habits. 

The long neck acts like a spring, so when the child pulls on the hanger, it flexes.  No broken plastic with sharp edges.  Not only safer, but it keeps broken plastic hangers from going into the landfills!  

MADE IN USA - Monkey Hangup hangers are made in Alliance, Ohio. This ensures we know what the product is made of and that it is being made to our high standards.  Plus it provides jobs to our economy, helping all of us!

Can you keep a secret?  As much as kids love using their Monkey Hangup hangers, parents can sneak in a second cup of coffee while the kids get their own clothes down.  Who couldn't use that, especially with little ones!