About Us

We are not your typical children's hangers!  We know that, AND our customers know that.  We know that we aren't the cheapest hangers on the market.  Who needs that?  Stores are already full of cheap, Chinese junk.  

So what are we?  We are a new American Company making an American product.  We know our intelligent customers see past this moment.  They are interested in the future.  They are willing to invest in a product that will help provide a great country for their kids to grow up in.  They also understand that a quality hanger will last and not end up as part of the plastic wasteland.

We are proud that our customers put their kids first.  They want their children to have products that they can enjoy using and also learn from.  They know that if they start them out young learning to be responsible for their clothes, they will grow into responsible adults (yes, I skipped right over responsible teens because I'm not sure most of us are familiar with such a creature!).   They also understand that we all like to have a special product to help us.  Come on, you know you do.  Have you ever paid a little extra to get the special color mixer?  You know the white works the same, but you want it to look good in your kitchen too.  Then you like to show it off to your friends!  Kids have the same feelings.  Why can't a better hanger also be fun?  And men?  We've seen you out there showing off that new tool to the neighbor!  

We bet you are one of the special people that can see passed dull hangers and help your child(ren) grow with us!