Parents need all the help they can get!

  We know that good parenting is the toughest job you can have.  Why not help yourself and your child at the same time?  Imagine how nice it would be to have your young child hang up and get down their own clothes AND enjoy doing it!  You'll be amazed at how proud they are doing this by themselves!  Without nagging?  That might take some getting used to, but we know you will adjust - lol

Not for Adults!

Only hanger made to be used, and abused, by kids!

Enjoy watching your child succeed

One of the most rewarding parts of parenthood is watching your youngster succeed.  Help them succeed by giving them the right hangers!  Little ones love being able to reach up and hang their coats up next to yours "all by themselves". AND they delight in having their own special, lovable hangers!

Watch the little girls facial expression and delight in the video below!

Here's what customers are saying;

We absolutely love the independence these monkey hang ups provide for our 4 year old daughter. I love that I no longer am tripping over her coat since she can now hang it up herself.

kristyMom of 3 year old

Attention parents of pre-schoolers- you need this hangers! My 3 year old loves to be self-sufficient, so I bought these on a trial basis to hang her jackets on. I had no idea how much it would change our routine. The frenzy of getting out the door is much calmer because I’m able to pack things up while she gets herself ready. And the best part happens when we get home- she’s actually excited to hang up her own coat! No more coats thrown on the floor.

Thomas B.Dad

These hangers are amazing, so easy for young children to hang up their own cloths and take them down without the help of their parents. As grandparents we love them and especially appreciate that they are made in the USA! Great product.

David MeekerGrandparent

My daughter absolutely loves these hangers! She no longer asks me to hang up her coats and dresses....insisting on doing it herself!! She received the flamingo pink and was so excited to get them! She already asked for some in each color!!! Love this product and absolutely would recommend!!


I bought a pack directly from the manufacturer and my 3 year old loves them. She actually hangs her jacket up after school. We will see how long this behavior lasts, but so far so good. Love that they are made in the USA too!

River Guy